Kitty pictures

Last Update: 2000/08/23

Here are pics of our kitties, Snoopy (the white guy who looks like he smeared peanut butter on himself) and Tigger (the tiger kitten). By the way, this page is proof that you don't need fancy web design software to make decent image maps. (You do, however, need a surfeit of spare time and patience.)

For those of you who can't use an image map, upgrade your browser, for crying out loud. Or use these links, I guess. Sheesh.

cats01.jpg cats02.jpg cats03.jpg cats04.jpg cats05.jpg cats06.jpg snoopy01.jpg snoopy02.jpg snoopy03.jpg snoopy04.jpg snoopy05.jpg snoopy06.jpg snoopy07.jpg tigger01.jpg tigger02.jpg tigger03.jpg tigger04.jpg tigger05.jpg tigger06.jpg tigger07.jpg tigger08.jpg tigger09.jpg tigger10.jpg tigger11.jpg tigger12.jpg tigger13.jpg tigger14.jpg